Friday, March 11, 2011

Win A Private Screening Of Breaking Dawn Part One By Supporting Charlie Bewley & The Lions Gate Hospital Foundation!

Breaking Dawn charlienike 280x209 Win A Private Screening Of Breaking Dawn Part One By Supporting Charlie Bewley & The Lions Gate Hospital Foundation! breaking dawn newsBreaking Dawn Vampire Charlie Bewley (aka Demetri) recently lost a friend, Jocelyn Clarke, to a rare form of Cancer. Jocelyn was a friend of Charlie’s that he met on a bus on their way to an audition -
Jocelyn and I met on a bus to an audition in North Vancouver over two years ago. To strike up a rapport with someone in that short time goes some way to explaining the magnetism Jocelyn had; brimming enthusiasm, warmth and a wonderful smile draws you in, before her colorful charisma and lust for life opens up in conversation.
“The next time I saw Jocelyn was on the set of “Twilight Saga: New Moon” where she was doubling Dakota Fanning. Once again, her radiance lit up the bleak and haunting Volturi Chamber. It was so nice to see her doing her thing and we chin-wagged much during the downtime. A friendship without pressures, we enjoyed each others company when it serendipitously occurred.
“Early 2010, I learned that Jocelyn had contracted a rare and terminal lung cancer with metastasis to the lymph nodes and spine. When I finally drummed up the courage to call her, all the pain, fear and strength she was experiencing was vividly and viscerally translated to me through our long conversation; one that will stay with me forever. Though empathy, in these circumstances, is null and void…
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“Jocelyn passed away on February 13th 2011, aged just 36. To say that she ‘lost her battle with cancer’ would do a huge disservice to the incredible strength she showed during the course of her treatment. Jocelyn kept us all informed of her fight through her very frank and honest daily Facebook updates; it was raw and real.
“We weren’t close, but there are very few people who allow you such unguarded access to their soul upon first encounter. She was a pure one, and was meant for higher realms… To that extent, Jocelyn will always hold a place in me and I shall miss her. My sincere condolences go out to her family and friends.
“To embark upon such a mental and physical battle is something none of us might ever have to deal with at such a young age. And in a world where our struggle seems to be, more often than not, to excessively cotton-wool ourselves away from fear and pain, we never discover our real strength… it exists within us, but it is rarely called upon and so we remain a dormant race of wasted potential, warriors who will never be awoken. One day, our war may come and we may have to rely on our untested strength…
“To put ourself in the cross sight of our fears – to push ourselves physically and mentally further than we can imagine – is to break down walls, is to summon strength, is to evolve …as is our purpose.”

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