Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jackson Rathbone Hosting Live Video Chat with Fans for New Movie "Girlfriend"

The official Girlfriend movie site has announced that Jackson will be hosting a live video chat Sunday April 3rd.

I'm not entirely clear on how this works, but here's the information posted:

Scheduled chat time information will be e-mailed to you one week prior to chat. Log in information will be e-mailed to you two hours prior to chat.

The room will open one hour prior to the chat beginning, allowing participants time to get logged in, get a feel for how the room works and greet the other nine participants.

Headphones must be used by all participants. If headphones are not used, your computer’s microphone will pick up the sound coming from your speakers and you’ll get a lot of feedback screeching…which Jerad, Jackson and the other participants will hear as well. Also, we suggest connecting your computer to your router via wire rather than using a wireless connection, for the best connection.

Once in the chatroom, you will have the option whether you wish people (including Jerad and Jackson) to be able to see you or just hear you. In order to see/hear Jerad, Jackson and anyone else in the room, you must click on their name on the right side of the chatroom. You see/hear as many or as few participants as you desire. There will be two moderators in the room: the TechModerator and the ChatModerator. The TechMod is available to assist with issues that arise with the room itself. The ChatMod will ensure that the room remains orderly.

Each participant will have the opportunity to introduce themselves to Jerad and Jackson and ask *one* question of either Jerad or Jackson, or a single question that they must answer together. The ChatMod will announce whose turn it is to ask their question. Chat with your fellow participants beforehand to decide who would like to ask what question.
Please understand that there are some questions that Jerad and Jackson simply cannot answer. We ask that all participants conduct themselves in a respectful manner. No questions of a sensitive personal nature will be permitted. If you are unsure if your question is appropriate, please arrive in the chatroom early and consult ChatModerator.

Once each participant has had the opportunity to ask their question, the remainder of the session will be open chat. If we’re lucky, we might get to hear some cool stories from theGirlfriend set!

- Lorabell


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